About Me

Hey there! I’m Beatrice. Thanks for stopping by.

Just a quick intro,

I’m 20 this year and currently majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Singapore. Almost anything and everything interests me. From Arts to Science to writing and so much more. This blog is basically a platform for me to start committing more time to writing and hopefully, share meaningful content with all of you.

Now you must be wondering how did I come up with the name bayyea and what’s the meaning behind it?

To begin, my name is Beatrice and people call me Bea — pronounced as bee — for short. However, a friend from the Philippines pronounced Bea in a different manner. Instead of it sounding like “bee”, she pronounced it as “bay-yea” instead. I found the nickname interesting and it reminded me of how unique each individual is.

Hence, this nickname signifies the differences of every person and the unique attributes they have. Through this blog, I’d love to show you how different yet similar everyone can be. I’d love to share my thoughts on the world and hopefully, write about how others see their world through their own eyes too.

Feel free to drop me an email anytime! We can be pen-pals (: